Via Media Publications is part of ViaMedia.News, a weekly blog that has the backing of a range of senior figures within the Church of England in order to prompt a deeper level of reflection on a range of topics.

Edited and owned by Jayne Ozanne, the blog aims to bring the historic Anglican perspective of the ‘Via Media’ (or ‘Middle Way’) to debates that are current in the Church of England and wider world.  It features contributions from a range of influential Anglicans as they seek to bring a fresh perspective to areas of controversy, and so attempt to bridge the divides that separate many within the Church.

Journeys in Grace and Truth was the first Via Media Publication and was published in June 2016 for them by Ekklesia.

Just Love is the autobiography of Jayne Ozanne, published by Darton, Longman and Todd, and is available through the Via Media Book Shop.